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Georgia Tech vs Clemson

            On February 25th, the McCamish Pavilion at Georgia Tech was the gathering place for a massive crowd made up of students, faculty, fans and everyone else, where they saw Georgia Tech face Clemson off. Just like in the Women’s Basketball game, all fans hoped to see Clemson topple as the wounds from the first game in the football season still would be considered relatively fresh. In less than two hours, they saw our hopes become real!

            The game started with Clemson building a small lead, however, they seem to never shake Yellow Jackets off, and after a relatively dull first half, where we saw star player Jose Alvarado get injured and soon replaced, both Alvarado and Jackets came to the second half guns blazing. With dunks from James Banks III coming in quick succession, following multiple three pointers from Usher, and almost perfect free throw record, Clemson’s (also) quick start to second half was obliterated by Jackets, when they build a lead of more than ten points. 

            With less then two minutes left, Jackets had two turnovers and seemed to be unbeatable. Tigers tried their best, however not enough, and failed, and game ended with Jackets toppling Tigers with 68-59, an icing on the cake after they beat number 5 ranked Louisville last week.

            While Jose Alvarado’s injury came as a shock to many, he scored a three pointer just before leaving the game, and even came back to keep playing before the end, which was undoubtably the play of the game.



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