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On November 3-4th, 2018, METUOPEN’18 saw couples from 30 different countries around face each other off over two days in the arena of Middle East Technical University, one of the highest regarded universities in Turkey. This organization was not only a place for the best to face each other off, but also for a competition between rising stars, meaning there is a challenge for everyone included. The saloon saw sellouts for the gala events for both of the nights, and was thrilling to watch, whether you attend, or watch it live online, or you watch it later.

The categories were, Juvenile-I Standard and Latin, Juvenile-II Standard and Latin, WDSF Junior-I Standard and Latin, WDSF Junior-II Standard and Latin, WDSF Youth Open Standard and Latin, WDSF Rising Stars Latin, and finally and the most importantly; WDSF Open Standard and Latin.

For each category, except Juveniles, each couple performed five different, and each harder than other, ballroom dances at top of their abilities; graded by nine referees/judges, in order to determine and halve the playing field to advance to the next round, until there is only six competitors remain for the final, where they are ranked 1-6, awarded, and winning couple performed their victory celebration dance of their preference under spotlight and complete darkness around.

METUOPEN’18 also saw seven star couples that could be considered best of the best around the world in their respective categories, which was World Open Latin, whom are; Salvatore Bellavita-Milena Usanova. Zsolt Sandor Cseke-Malika Dzumaev, Andrea Bolzoni-Michelle Maritan, Stefan Grigore-Laura Filipescu, Mikhail Koptev-Aleksandra Atamantseva, Jokubas Venckus-Migle Klupsaite, Artyom Liaskovsky-Ksenia Zaputriaeva. Watching the absolute best was the definitely the peak moment of the event.

The date of November 3-4th was chosen as this is exactly one weekend after Turkey’s day of Independence, and formation of Republic, and this has been the tradition for last 19 years. During this year, the attendees were thrilled to hear next year was first for METUOPEN to house not only the best for World Open, but they also will house the best of Rising Stars and Juniors. However, this was cut short when governing body of the Middle East Technical University announced 20th METUOPEN, which was METUOPEN’19 will not take place. We sincerely hope that this event does not mark the end of an era for dance sport in Turkey and hope to join you in 20th METUOPEN, which will hopefully be in 2020.



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