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Tuna Ergan Photography

Tuna Ergan Photography

Georgia Tech vs Clemson

            On February 25th, the McCamish Pavilion at Georgia Tech was the gathering place for a massive crowd made up of...

Sivrihisar Airrace’18

In every July, the Sivrihisar International Aviation Center (Turkish: Sivrihisar Uluslarasi Havacilik Merkezi), also known as SUSHM plays host to...

Georgia Tech vs Nebraska

Today, on the noon of February 15th 2020 at 12.30, Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets faced off Nebraska CornHuskers on their home...

Sivrihisar Airshow’17

When the date of September 16th, 2017 have arrived, the third of the annual Sivrihisar Airshow, in Sivrihisar International Aviation...

Eurasia Airshow’18

The date of April 25-26th, 2018 was the gathering date for all aviation enthusiasts, business owners, public, spotters, and anyone...


On November 3-4th, 2018, METUOPEN’18 saw couples from 30 different countries around face each other off over two days in...

Georgia Tech vs NC State

This past week, Georgia Tech yellow jackets upset the men’s basketball team of NC State, with the help of the...

Logic at Atlanta, GA

Georgia Tech vs Nebraska

Georgia Tech vs Syracuse

Georgia Tech vs Notre Dame

METU Spring Festival

Georgia Tech vs Bethune-Cookman

Sivrihisar Airrace’19

Georgia Tech vs Arkansas

Georgia Tech vs Clemson

Atlanta Airshow

Georgia Tech vs Duke

On the date of Wednesday, January 8th; McCamish Pavilion in Georgia Tech saw greatest number of attendance of students, some...

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